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BOBS from SKECHERS Bobs Bohemian 7iD1P
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Table 2.

Clinically used anticancer agents and their correlations with SLFN11 transcript

Our statistical observations were surprising because the Schlafen family of genes has been studied mainly in the context of immune processes, mouse embryonic lethality, meiotic drive, and orthopoxvirus virulence ( LifeStride Parigi Bootie gyVOO6O

To test the causal relationship between SLFN11 expression and sensitivity to DDAs, we transfected SLFN11-targeting siRNAs in two different human cancer cell lines, DU-145 (prostate cancer) and HOP-62 (non-small-cell lung cancer). Both express high SLFN11 levels and are highly sensitive to Top1 inhibitors ( Fig. 1 B ). In both cell lines, siRNA-mediated silencing proved to be highly efficient and was sustained for 3 d or more ( Nike Air Max Sneaker UZXsGKu8X
, Lower Right , and Melissa Shoes Ultragirl Bow WqrYkYKX
). SLFN11-silenced cells exhibited at least a fivefold reduced sensitivity to CPT, etoposide, and cisplatin compared with mock-silenced cells ( P ≤ 0.01, Pikolinos Antillas W0H0580 Imx3yDd5Qy
, Upper , and Fig. S6 A ). These results demonstrate that SLFN11 confers sensitivity to Top1 inhibitors, Top2 inhibitors, and alkylating agents. In agreement with our bioinformatic predictions, SLFN11 silencing did not affect the cellular response to either the tubulin poison paclitaxel or the broad-spectrum protein kinase inhibitor and apoptosis inducer staurosporine ( Soft Style Omber L6wxMR
) ( Fig. 2 A , Lower, and Fig. S6 A ).

Fig. 2.

Silencing SLFN11 significantly reduces sensitivity to different classes of DNA-damaging agents in cells expressing high endogenous SLFN11 levels. () Cytotoxicity curves of the prostate cancer cell line DU-145 (high SLFN11 expresser) transfected with nontargeting (ctrl) or SLFN11-targeting siRNAs and treated for 72 h with CPT, etoposide, cisplatin, taxol, or staurosporine (STS). Mean values ± SD are shown (one representative experiment performed in triplicate). () Western blot showing SLFN11 knockdown 3 and 6 d after transfection with SLFN11-targeting siRNAs. () () Representative image of a clonogenic assay (100 nM CPT for 1 d). () Number of colonies formed after 24 h treatment with CPT followed by a 15-d release (average of three independent experiments). () Cytotoxicity curves of the breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 (low SLFN11 expresser) transfected with nontargeting (ctrl) or SLFN11-targeting siRNAs and treated for 72 h with CPT, etoposide, and cisplatin. Mean values ± SD are shown (one representative experiment performed in triplicate). Whiskers in all charts represent SDs (when not visible they were within the symbol size). () FACS analysis showing sustained cell cycle progression and lack of apoptosis in SLFN11 knockdown DU-145 cells treated with 100 nM CPT for 16 h.

The influence of SLFN11 on long-term cell survival after CPT treatment was further tested by clonogenic assays. Three days after SLFN11 knockdown, DU-145 cells were treated with 100 nM CPT for 24 h and then released in fresh medium and grown for 15 d to allow colony formation. SLFN11-silenced cells were able to form multiple growing colonies (representative image in Fig. 2 B ). Similar results were obtained after treatment with different concentrations of CPT (20–500 nM for 24 h) or after a 1-h incubation with 1 μM CPT followed by a 15-d drug-free growth ( P < 0.01; Fig. 2 B , Right , and Aquatalia Patrizia Metallic Suede Weatherproof Mule Flat KDomhs

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