My pet Thunder is giving me a hard time. I fail to understand why he is upset and angry at all times. My neighbors have been complaining about him for a long time now. Could you tell me about the ways of how to understand your dog’s aggression? Or do you think I should hire a trainer for Intensive dog training? Please help.

Dear Scott,

Well, first let me tell you that you have chosen a fantastic name for your dog. Even though it’s not as good as mine, I still admit that I quite like it.

So you want to know that ways of how to understand your dog’s aggression and I can share some tips with you.

The first step of knowing how to understand your dog’s aggression is by observing your dog’s behavior. There could be a number of reasons which aggravate Thunder and makes him react the way he does. (Not every dog is blessed with the refinement and sophistication of King Oliver). So the next time Thunder barks, growls, snaps or lunges at something, instead of asking him to shut up, find out what is causing him to act that way.

The most common reasons of aggressive behavior of a dog could be fear, medical problems, predatory aggression, protective aggression, territorial aggression and many more such forms of harmful behavioral instincts.

In case of predatory aggression, your best bet would be Intensive dog training. The people who specialize in Intensive dog training know the best methods to tame your dog and make them less dangerous to be around. So if your Thunder is showing such symptoms, you need to call a professional in order to make him stop.

Apart from predatory aggression, all the other forms of bad behavior can be taken care of by you or Thunder’s doctor. If it’s a medical problem, make sure it gets cured as soon as possible as I would not want Thunder to suffer for longer than he already has. (As I said before, I like his name, thus the show of concern)

So, to state it in a plain and simple way (which is quite contradictory to my royal demeanor), you should identify the cause and then try to fix it accordingly. Ask your neighbors to treat him well and not shoo him away whenever they see him. And be good to him, no matter what, do not abuse or insult him, it will only make things worse.

Let me show you how I am trained to "Leave It"!


- King Oliver

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