I just brought home a cute little puppy, a black Labrador, and would like to know what are the best ways of ensuring that my puppy grows up to be healthy and handsome like you. Could you please share some Animal Wellness Tips?

Dear Kid who loves her puppy,

King Oliver congratulates you on your new addition to the family. He would also like to announce that it is impossible for any other being to attain his looks (checks himself in the mirror and smiles satisfactorily).

However, since you have honored my presence by asking me a question, let me share some Animal Wellness Tips on how you can groom your dog to look and feel as good as I do (if not better).

First, know that your pet is no less than your own child and take complete responsibility. All the Animal Wellness Tips that I share with you will be of no use if the love is missing. So, first shower your puppy with all the love that you can possible give.

Second, make sure that your puppy understands you. This is something that you will achieve with time and patience, and perseverance, of course. I do understand that not all dogs can be as good as me (nods his head proudly) and not all of them are obedient enough (wags his tail with pleasure), but most puppies are like human babies. They will only do what you ask them to once they understand you. So, of you ask them to sit, then instead of screaming “Sit, sit, sit” at the top of your lungs and making the entire neighborhood sit at whatever places they are, how about enacting it in front of your dog and giving him a slight nudge at the back and making him sit.

Third, you need to make sure that your puppy is clean at all times. (Check out my glorious coat of fur for inspiration.) You need to ensure that every time your puppy wanders off to restricted areas like the trash can (gives a disgusted grunt) you are there to check whether he has been exposed to anything which might be harmful. Puppies have the tendency to go everywhere they are not supposed to and eat everything that is not meant for their consumption. So as I said earlier, till the time your puppy grows as smart as me, just be a mother to him and the young lad will do just fine.

Such a cute, funny photo on Funny Animal Photo!


- King Oliver

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