Do dogs feel emotions like we (humans) do?

Dear Rachel,

This has been questioned and pondered for many many years.  It was first believed they had the same emotions as humans.  Later, it was said their "emotions" were really actions or reactions to situations (like growling when they are confronted or yelp when in pain).  Today,the belief is that dogs have the same emotions as a 2 and 1/2 year old human.  They feel joy, love, contentment, anger, fear and excitement.  They will develop other emotions but, much faster than humans or earlier in their life.  But, they never feel shame, guilt or pride.  So go ahead and dress your dog up in the silliest outfit you want!  He will not feel shamed or upset.  Overall, you dog will always feel love for you and contentment being in your company!  And that is really all that matters right?

- King Oliver

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