I feel that my cat is angry all the time and pounces at me - in a not so nice way! Almost scratched out my eyes one day. What can I do to stop it from being so frustrated?

Dear Kathi,

How to understand your cat’s aggression can be a tough question to answer. Cats like dogs can be very sensitive. A cat’s aggression shouldn’t be taken lightly for the animal is indicating to its master that it is not happy. Perhaps you left it in the car or didn’t play with it. Sometimes certain cats are just plain mean if you get them when they are older.  Set aside specific time to give to your cat will hopefully help condition the animal’s behavior.  As a dog, we have never understood the moodiness of cats - hehe!  We dogs are always happy no matter what!  But, I like cats too.  So just keep giving the cat quality time and focused time.  


- King Oliver

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